Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Okay so my family and I had a really fun year as fans of The Jimmer. Jimmer Fredette swept the nation by storm as the greatest player in college basketball and the best player to put on a BYU jersey since Sir Danny Ainge in 1981. The best part about the entire year was taking my family to the games. Wow I mean the kid would throw up shots from 30+ feet and make them and the Marriott Center would go wild.

We had so much fun that we even had "You Got Jimmered" shirts printed and wore them to the games. So about 3/4 the way into the season a local group made a rap song "Teach Me How to Jimmer" and that was a hit. In fact, it was so huge that one day I downloaded the song, took it home for my boys to listen to and my 5 yr old Trevor was so energized by it that he did a break dance routine that we posted on You Tube and since it has had thousands of hits/views. Check it out!

Anyway it has been really cool to be a part of and share with my family. I mean who knows how many years it will be before we see another Jimmer at BYU. Until then we are going to sit back and enjoy watching him receive all of the NCAA Player of the Year honors and enjoy his top vote getting "All American" status, oh yeah and enjoy his career in the NBA which I hope will be a success. Let's all enjoy the great success and excitement that was displayed by the man we call....Jimmer.

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